Privacy Policy

Ranzan Country Club, Inc. ("the Company") shall comply with all laws and internal regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information (defined as information pertaining to living people wherein any name, date of birth or other datum may be used to identify any individual). The Company shall protect personal privacy by obtaining and using personal information appropriately, maintaining such information safe and up-to-date, and disposing of it by appropriate methods.

1.Obtaining Personal Information

The Company shall obtain personal information by appropriate means.

2.Use of Personal Information

In using personal information, the Company shall only use personal information for the stated purposes.


The Company shall take measures to prevent unlawful access to loss, destruction, falsification, etc. of the Personal Information

4.Limitation on Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

Company will not provide Personal Information to any third party in principle unless the individual concerned has agreed to such use or authorized by law.